E-bike trial

Want to cycle but think the distance is too far or you’ll get too sweaty? We’ve got a bike for that! Electric pedal bikes (e-bikes) offer a great way to take a bit of the effort out of cycling but still offer a quick, healthy alternative to other polluting modes of transport.

ZEN works with a range of e-bike providers to offer you e-bike trials of up to 5 days. They’ll help you understand how the bike works and how to charge it, as well as providing useful hints and tips.

If you decide to buy an e-bike, you can save money through the ZENCard discounts. Find out more here.

We also help fund up to £2,000 for e-bikes for businesses through our Sustainable Travel Grants Scheme. Find out more here.

Get in touch through the form at the bottom of this page to arrange a trial.