Elysia - Cargo Bike Grant

Elysia Catering is a social enterprise and catering company based in Islington, committed to reducing food waste. Elysia hand-makes breakfasts & canapés with local artisan rescued food and delivers them to offices and events.


Founded in 2016, Elysia originally used a standard bike to deliver small amounts of food and relied on taxis for all other jobs. Elysia is passionate about the environment and joined the Zero Emissions Network in late 2017.  The ZEN arranged a cargo bike trial through London Green Cycles. The success of the trial motivated Elysia to purchase a cargo bike with the help of a ZEN grant. The new delivery bike means taxis are only needed for the occasional large event, reducing emissions and congestion. The bespoke bike has enabled Elysia to advertise their brand on the go as well as enabled a second staff member to start cycling. The partnership with ZEN did not stop there as Elysia catered one of our networking events, providing attendees with a range of delicous rescued food. 


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