Grants: cycling

The ZEN grants scheme provides up to £2,000 to help Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Islington businesses encourage walking and cycling. This can include installing shower facilities, lockers, cycle parking, cycle repair toolkits, pool bikes and much more. 

To apply for a grant you'll need to complete a staff travel survey and meet the minimum survey completion rate. Please email to receive the travel survey.


The grants scheme is currently open and the deadline for travel survey completion is 5 February 2021.


Minimum Completion Rates:

A minimum travel survey completion rate is required for businesses to be able to progress to application stage.

100% for < 10 staff

50% for < 25 staff

40% for 25 - 50 staff

30% for > 50 staff


Grant Process

  1. Complete staff travel surveys. Deadline is 5 February 2021.

  2. ZEN create bespoke Action Plans detailing travel behaviour and recommending measures to increase sustainable travel. Action Plans and grant applicantion forms are sent to businesses.

  3. Businesses submit grant applications.

  4. Successful applicants will be notified and receive funding. 


This offer is only available to businesses, but there are lots of free cycling resources available for residents. Check out our cycling offers here or get in touch on the form below.