A Marr + Associates Ltd - Cycle Hire Success

Tower Hamlets Council is keen to increase the use of the Santander Cycle Hire scheme and with the help of the Zero Emissions Network offered free annual memberships to businesses in the borough, worth £90! The Cycle Hire scheme is a great way for businesses to encourage staff to cycle for short, work-related trips during the day and is also helpful for workplaces where there is insufficient space for cycle parking. The free membership gave  users unlimited bike access for a year, with the first 30 minutes of each journey free.   A Marr + Associates Ltd are a marketing, media and public relations agency based in Hackney Wick. Two staff were awarded free memberships and in the first six months 93 journeys were carried out. 

'The cycle hire membership scheme has been really beneficial for A Marr + Associates Ltd, Marketing + Media Relations. Due to our office location being a twenty minute walk from each station, the team have been able to manage their time better and are less reliant on taxis. Each week we save around an hour of our time thanks to a speeded up commute on the bikes.  The cycle hire membership scheme has also proved useful for team members attending meetings in London. We no longer rely so much on the tube and other forms of transport such as taxis thanks to this the ease of accessing bikes in London. On average the bikes are used around four times a week by our agency team and on weekends team members use them regularly. Members of our team who have never cycled before have started to get into cycling in London thanks to the accessibility and ease of use from bikes.'
Frank Marr, co-founder of A Marr + Associates Ltd and chairman of PRCA Travel & Tourism

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