Try a car club before you buy

Car clubs have long been offering an alternative to personal car ownership. They offer flexible use of a vehicle by the hour or day without any of the hassle of parking, insurance, maintenance or depreciation associated with owning and running a private vehicle. 

By providing a different approach to car use they have also made behaviour changes possible with most people driving less overall when they switch to car clubs. 

Each car club car removes 11 privately owned cars* which reduces traffic congestion, frees up space for other uses of the public space and helps reduce local air pollution. Switching from private vehicle ownership can help you do your bit in improving local air quality as 99% of car club cars meet the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). 

If you are interested in driving fully electric vehicles, the latest electric e-golf is available at Zipcar, using their one-way, floating service, Zipcar Flex. Just pick up and drop off where you like** Zipcar have over 300 electric vehicles available so you can further reduce the impact of your travel on air quality.

Zero Emission Network members get extra help when they choose one of our car club partners. You can use one of Zipcar’s 3,000 cars and vans with access to a year’s free business account (worth £99), up to 29% off weekly rates as well as £100 driving credit to get you going. Zero Emission Network members can also benefit from an additional free £25 driving credit if they drive a Zipcar EV between the 10th July and 10th August.  Find out more about our car club offers here.


Business Offers:

Zipcar – Free 1 year membership, 3 drivers and £100 free driving credit to use over 3 months

Enterprise Car Club – Free 1 year membership, 5 drivers and £75 free driving credit


Resident Offers:

Zipcar –Free 1 year membership and £20 free driving credit

Enterprise Car Club - £10 membership and 60 free miles per day


*Carplus annual survey of car clubs 2016/17, Como

***In participating London boroughs