Zipcar is Going Electric

Zipcar, the UK’s largest car sharing network, is making their floating car share offering even more exciting with the addition of 325 fully electric vehicles to their Flex fleet. This summer will see the roll out of the first 100 EVs operating across Zipcar’s 9 London boroughs and another 225 throughout the rest of the year.

This zero-emissions initiative comes at a key time for London, with congestion and pollution levels at an all-time high. By making electric driving more widely accessible and available to Londoners, it’s hoped the introduction of 300+ shared EV cars will help break down current barriers to greater EV adoption and take electric driving from niche to mainstream in the capital.

You can read more about Zipcar’s EV roll out in the Evening Standard here:

Zipcar for Business members signing up through the Zero Emissions Network can also get their first Flex trip for free*. Just open an account here to claim your free journey and £100 free driving credit:

*The free trip can be used at any time by getting in touch with your Zipcar account manager. Only trips shorter than an hour qualify for the offer. Trips longer than one hour will have the first hour discounted.

ZipCar E-Golf