Car clubs in business for businesses

Car clubs have been present in London since 2002 and now have around 200,000 members who, in one year alone, sold or disposed of 26,400 cars1. A mix of rental options, from round trip (returning to the same place) and flex (point to point), combined with the flexibility and convenience of access to over 2800 cars has meant that car clubs have become integrated into London’s transport landscape. Initially focussed on replacing residential trips, car clubs have increasingly been working with businesses and now car clubs like Zip Car and Enterprise Car Club are offering business-specific plans. 

Zip Car offer a flex option where you can choose an all electric vehicle and pick it up and drop it anywhere in London*. As well as the standard hourly and daily rental offered by all car clubs, Enterprise offer virtual car plans to ensure availability to users. This innovation offers a viable alternative to company lease vehicles.  

Car clubs offer a flexible approach to car and van use by removing all the hassle and cost of maintenance, insurance and parking, whilst still being available when needed. This is particularly appealing to businesses whose need for a vehicle does not fit the standard ownership or lease model. 

The environment and local air quality also benefits from car clubs. They have a proven track record of reducing the impact of car ownership, whilst still providing flexible access to motorised transport. As each car club car removes 10.5 privately owned cars,2 this reduces traffic congestion, frees up space for other uses of the public space and helps reduce local air pollution. 

Car club members also report an overall reduction in car use versus owning a car and 99% of car club cars meet the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards so switching from private vehicle ownership can help you do your bit in improving local air quality. 

Zero Emission Network members get extra help when they choose one of our car club partners with free membership and up to £100 free driving credit. Find out more about our car club offers here.


*In participating London boroughs 

 1Carplus annual survey of car clubs 2016/17, Como

2 Carplus annual survey of car clubs 2016/17, Como

Business Offers:

ZipCar – Free 1 year membership, 3 drivers and £100 free driving credit to use over 3 months

Enterprise Car Club – Free 1 year membership, 5 drivers and £75 free driving credit


Resident Offers:

ZipCar –Free 1 year membership and £20 free driving credit

Enterprise Car Club - £10 membership and 60 free miles per day