Pool bike success

Pool bikes are shared bicycles staff can use when travelling for work, the zero emission version of a company car. Pool bikes are a great way for people to get into cycling as they are free and easily accessible to staff. Some businesses have electric pool bikes which give you a boost and some allow staff to travel to and from work on the pool bike to see if they enjoy cycling to work before they invest in their own bike. 

Four businesses in Tower Hamlets recieved second hand Brompton bikes to use as pool bikes. Thirty other businesses across the three boroughs used the ZEN sustainable travel grant to purchase one or more pool bikes.  See what the businesses said about how the pool bikes changed the way they travel and work. 

'It makes travelling to local jobs much simpler and saves time getting stuck in traffic or trying to find a parking space.’ Evans, Clearflo Plumbing and Heating. 

'It encourages everyone to cycle and is a stress free office essential! The Brompton bike has been an excellent tool for the team to get around. It has made meetings less time consuming to get to and as a result it has increased our agency's productivity.'  Frank Marr, co-founder of A Marr + Associates Ltd and chairman of PRCA Travel & Tourism

'The two pool bikes have been a fantastic addition to the office.' Abbie, Club Development  Officer, Access Sport