Cycling Resources Online

During lockdown many people in London have taken up cycling and many more are considering learning to cycle. The UK Government is promoting cycling as a healthy and sustainable way to travel especially as restrictions are eased and people begin to travel more.

So what resources are available online to help beginners learn to cycle safely, look after their bikes and travel by bicycle during a pandemic? We’ve picked out a few that might help you on your cycling journey:

Cycle Training

British Cycling have created a series of videos with advice on cycling to work. The Commute Smart Series adresses a lot of new cycling commuter initial questions including how to perform a bike check and how to dress for commuting. All 13 videos can be found here.

Cyclescheme is a great resource. They have created lots of useful articles on cycling including articles on road positioning (read), negotiating and communicating with cars (read) and how often you should pump up your tyres (read).

Cycling UK have produced a short video on how to teach an adult to ride a bike. The video covers 10 steps that beginners should work through when they get on a bike, video here. There’s also a video on how to teach a child to ride a bike, video here.

Cycling during Covid

Bikeability offers guidance for cycling during lockdown, information here. British Cycling answer the most frequently asked questions about cycling during the Coronavirus pandemic here and cover the UK Government’s guidance and advice.

Sustrans have created a map of all the temporary changes local authorities are making to streets in response to Covid-19 to make it easier for people to walk and cycle around the UK. Use the Space to Move Map which can be found here to see what changes have been made near you.

Read London Cycling Campaign's top tips for cycling during the Coronavirus pandemic here.

Bike Maintenance

London Cycling Campaign has some great advice on bike maintenance, information here. LCC covers how to maintain and look after the different parts of your bike including the tyres and brakes.

Bikeability has some advice on looking after your bike here and you might find Cycling UK’s top ten tips for looking after your bike useful, info here.

Advice for beginners

British Cycling offers cycling tips and advice for beginners. Click here to read more.

Sustrans also give advice on finding the right bike for you and bike security in their top tips for anyone beginning to cycle article which can be found here.

Cycling with Children

Bikeability has created videos on the essential cycling skills families should know to increase confidence and safety when cycling together. These 10 short videos aim to teach parents and youngsters the skills they need to master to cycle safely on the road. Watch the videos here. Bikeability has also created a Parent’s Handbook that you can download for further advice on family cycling, read the handbook here.

Further Resources

TfL's cycling routes map can help you identify some nice cycle routes and shows where all the Santander Cycles docking stations can be found. See map here.

British Cycling enables you to search for local cycling groups. Find a group.

Cycle storage is often a key consideration for new riders. See some helpful tips here. If you don't have access to cycle storage, consider dockless bikes here.

Prior to the UK lockdown ZEN offered our network members free one-to-one cycle training. This offer has been paused but we are hoping to resume our free cycle training offer shortly. If you would like to join a waiting list for free one-to-one cycle training then please email