New green e-bikes in Islington

There’s no better time to get cycling, and especially on an e-bike, which helps you go the distance without feeling like you’re taking part in an Iron Man challenge.

In addition to 20 minutes free daily, HumanForest are offering Zero Emission Network members the chance to add another 10 free minutes to their trip - and who knows where that bonus could take you?

In 30 minutes you can get across North East London, from Highbury Fields to Hyde Park! 

If that’s not enough of a reason to hop on and rediscover London, you can do so knowing that all you leave is your tracks and not the guilt of your carbon footprint trailing closely behind you.

The e-bikes are charged with renewable energy and the operations are zero emission. Serviced primarily with e-cargo bikes and if needed an electric pick up ute, HumanForest is committed to improving London’s air quality.  Regularly riding HumanForest e-bikes over the course of just one year will avoid emitting 267kg Co2 per person. With your help,  HumanForest will avoid emitting almost 2 tons of Co2 per year, that’s equivalent to planting 80,000 trees!  

All HumanForest riders are entitled to 20 free minutes daily and then costs just £0.12 per minute. There’s no unlocking fee and users can pause their trip and park the e-bike for up to 23 hours. The e-bikes - which can reach up to 15mph - are comfortable, stylish and made for sharing.

Using a HumanForest e-bike means that you can get all of the health, environmental benefits of cycling - and not to mention fun - without the hefty price tag and responsibility of owning your own.

And you’ll be joining the ever-expanding HumanForest ecosystem, an inclusive community welcoming of anyone environmentally conscious and on the move.

Get fit and go places, all you need to do is download the HumanForest App. To redeem your extra riding credit click here to get your Zero Emission Network discount code.