Cycle parking success

Good cycle parking is important for businesses. It makes staff more likely to cycle to work as they can be secure in the knowledge their bike will be protected from the elements and theft. 

The Zero Emissions Network has helped improve cycle parking at 23 businesses in the City Fringe. See what businesses said about the impact that improved cycle parking has had for them. 

'The ramshackle bike shelter in our car park was a sight for sore eyes. Hastily cobbled together some 15 years ago, and made out of tennis court wire, it offered scant protection from the elements, and was a security risk as the wires could be cut with ease. We therefore applied for a grant to get a new shelter from ZEN. The new shelter means that commuters' bikes will now stay dry, and the adjustments that we have made to the exterior, by the addition of an iron fence, hopefully means that any unwanted visitors will be kept out of our shiny, new bike sanctuary.' Ian, Director, The Finsbury Business Centre

'I have been on the fence about cycling to work for a while, but I am thrilled to be able to now. Many of us are keen to lower our carbon footprints, and thanks to the ZEN grant, the cycle racks we were able to install will go a long way in greening up our Mosque.' Shehroze, Campaigns Manager, East London Mosque