Cargo bike success stories

As London becomes busier and people become more aware of the health impacts of pollution, cargo bikes are fast becoming a popular way to deliver goods in a dense urban area. Deliveries by bicycle have been happening in London for over 100 years and cargo bikes come in all shapes and sizes, but it is only in recent years that bikes designed in the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy are beoming a regular sight on the streets of London. 

Thirty two businesses across the three ZEN boroughs used the ZEN Business Travel grant to purchase a cargo bike. Read what businesses are saying about the benefits of cargo bikes. 

'Having the cargo bike makes such an impression and I enjoy riding it around town.' Lucy, Founder, Zig Zag Tea

'I'd just like to say thanks to ZEN for the grant for the cargo bike. It's part of Calverts and we use it as much as we can. It's a great way of delivering to our customers - they love it! It's very personal and makes it part of a wider story.' Lee, Director and Environmental Manager, Calverts 

'The bike turns so many heads and so as a marketing tool it is simply worth its weight in gold. London is a big city and with lots of restaurants buying into our fish philosophy our wholesale operation has grown rapidly but if we can’t get to the restaurant on our cargo bike then we decline. This approach has enabled us to grow naturally and locally into our stride.' Brendan, Owner, Fin and Flounder

'The Zero Emissions Network has been great for us, we managed to secure a grant for our cargo bike which has been great, it looks really good, it’s free to get around, it can fit everything inside it we need for an event or to make coffee and it’s zero pollution, a bonus!' Ben, Owner, Black Box Coffee

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