Dusty Knuckle Bakery - Cargo Bike

Dusty Knuckle Bike Trailer

Dusty Knuckle Bakery approached the ZEN team as their business was growing rapidly and they wanted a sustainable approach to dealing with the increased number of deliveries they were undertaking. After assessing how the company operated through a travel survey the ZEN team were able to recommend purchasing two bike trailers through the grant scheme.

As the Dusty Knuckle was able to hire delivery staff with their own bikes they could maximise their grant by purchasing two bike trailers (as opposed to one cargo bike). This has meant that they transport a large amount of goods every day with zero fuel costs and zero impact on the air quality!

“With the ZEN program we have been able to make an extra 20 or so journeys per week using nothing but muscle power. Our customers love getting their deliveries by bike. We thought we'd only use these for local journeys but they've ended up going as far as Mayfair from Dalston... really happy to have been part of this program!” Max Tobias, Owner

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