Zirro - Cargo Bike Delivery

Zirro is a zero waste delivery business based in Hackney that successfully applied to the ZEN Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme for £2,000 to purchase a cargo bike. Their new custom branded cargo bike can be seen below.

When Zirro’s cargo bike arrived they quickly branded it and started cycling around delivering goods to customers. They soon noticed that their website received more traffic and more orders were being placed. Zirro attributes this increase in sales to the visibility the branded cargo bike generated for their business. Vincent Haye (Founder) said that “People were seeing the cargo bike out and about and looking it up online. Customer feedback was that they loved the sustainable deliveries and that's the reason they ordered from Zirro.”

Zirro previously had to rent a van or car when they needed to travel large distances but wanted to stop using polluting vehicles to reduce their environmental impact. Vincent said, “Due to the cost we couldn’t have purchased a cargo bike without the help of the ZEN grant.”

Zirro are very pleased with their new cargo bike and are now able to make all of their deliveries emission free. Zirro are even exploring options to expand their fleet further: “We are looking into getting a second cargo bike to grow our operations as we are getting more and more customers.” - Vincent Haye

Vincent also notes “Operations are faster than they were with a car. Delivering by cargo bike can sometimes be twice as fast as a car.” Vincent now enjoys cycling around and making deliveries because “people are friendlier when they see the cargo bike”.

Zirro is an amazing example of how cargo bikes can help businesses grow.

Zirro delivers ethical & sustainable products from local shops directly to customers' doors by cargo bike. No single-use packaging or carbon emissions involved. ZEN members can get 30% off delivery with promo code: ZENxZIRRO