Winter Cycling Tips

A few top tips to help you cycle safely and enjoably this winter. If you'd like help boosting your confidence, why not try free cycle training. You also head along to a Cycle Pit Stop for more tips, free bike maintenance and cycling freebies this winter.


Top Tips

Lights – white at the front and red at the back. Make sure they can be seen by others!

Reflectors – required front, rear and on both pedals.

Reflective clothing – wear something with reflective strips after dark, and bright clothing during the day.

Be confident – stay out of the gutter. Cycling too close to the kerb increases your chance of being involved in an accident as it makes you less visible to other traffic. Remember to ride far enough away from parked cars to avoid opening doors.

Cycle considerately – and only where permitted.  Remember that pedestrians have priority in shared spaces with cyclists, like parks and canal towpaths.

Tyres – Replace your tyres if they look worn and watch out for slippery leaves on the road.