The ULEZ is Coming

Ultra Low Emission Zone

To improve air quality, an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be in place in central London from 8 April 2019. The ULEZ will replace the T-Charge (officially known as the Emissions Surcharge) which was introduced in October 2017.


The ULEZ will operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year, within the same area as the Congestion Charging Zone. Most vehicles including cars and vans will need to meet the new, tighter exhaust emission standards, or pay a daily charge to travel within the ULEZ. This is in addition to the weekday Congestion Charge and the Low Emission Zone (LEZ). If a vehicle does not meet the ULEZ standard, the driver will need to pay the following charge:

  • £12.50 per day for cars, motorcycles and vans (up to and including 3.5 tonnes)
  • £100 per day for heavier vehicles, including lorries (more than 3.5 tonnes) and buses/coaches (more than five tonnes)


The area covered by the ULEZ will be clearly signposted with road signs at every entry point along the boundary and along key arterial approaches. There will be no barriers or toll booths but cameras will read vehicle number plates to check to see if that they meet the ULEZ emission standards.


Discounts and exemptions
Some drivers and vehicles will qualify for a temporary discount or full exemption from the ULEZ charge. These include:

  • Residents living in the zone 
  • Vehicles registered with a ‘disabled’ or ‘disabled passenger vehicles’ tax class 
  • Not-for-profit minibuses

For further details of discounts and exemptions see here.


ULEZ Expansion

From 25 October 2021, the ULEZ boundary will be extended to create a larger zone bounded by the North and South Circular Roads. Any petrol or diesel vehicles driving within this enlarged area will need to meet the new tighter emissions standards or pay a daily charge. Vehicles using the North and South Circular Roads and not going traveling into the ULEZ will not be charged.



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