Switch your website to green energy

It is a surprising fact for many that 80% of all websites are powered by fossil fuels and account for 2% of global CO2 emissions which is the same as the entire aviation industry*. To put this in perspective, if the Internet was a country, it would be the 6th largest polluter of global greenhouse gas emissions**.

Almost half of electricity in the UK is still generated by burning fossil fuels*** which affects the air quality even long distances from where they are burned. Burning fossil fuels to run websites also contributes to the climate emergency.

This is why we are happy to announce our latest ZEN partner Erjjio Studios who will help you host your website using data centres that are powered by 100% renewable energy. As well as providing website design and bespoke software projects Erjjio will also plant a tree for you every month and provide you with a Certified Green Website badge.

As a ZEN card member you can benefit from an exclusive offer of: 

  • 3 months of free hosting on the Pro plan

  • 10% off web design and development projects

  • 10% off Care plans.

How it works

1. Website Health Check: Erjjio put your website through a 15 step health check system so you can get expert and free advice on how it could be improved.

2. Clean Up: Erjjio switch your website to 100% renewable energy, then optimise it even further to minimise its carbon emissions.

3. Badge: Erjjio award you with the exclusive Certified Green Website badge so you can proudly display it on your website and impress your visitors.

4. Plant Trees: Every month, Erjjio plant trees for you and provide villagers with employment in impoverished regions all around the world!


If you would like to switch your website to renewable energy click here and start the process