The green economy in action - Thursday 24 September 10:00am

Oslo Innovation Week 2020 is taking place 21-25 September. Oslo Innovation Week (OIW) is an annual conference set up to highlight green solutions that solve global challenges in entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Zero Emissions Network are thrilled to announce that this year we are co-hosting a virtual OIW event with the City of Oslo.

"The green economy in action: the view from London" is taking place online on Thursday 24 September 10:00 - 11:00am. 

Join us for this free event to find out how businesses are operating at the forefront of the green economy in London. Come and hear from businesses in the Zero Emission Network that have built sustainable operating models. Find out how Covid-19 has accelerated the move to net zero across a range of industries and hear first-hand stories from businesses who’ve been through major transformations over the last few months. Register for the free event and join us on Thuraday 24th September by clicking here.


The City of Oslo and the London Borough of Hackney have been partner cities for seven years, collaborating to encourage sustainable business & entrepreneurship. Each year Hackney and Oslo team up to organise a series of events called Oslo meets Hackney that explore how both places can support start-ups, inclusiveness and sustainability. Zero Emissions Network are excited to be hosting an Oslo meets Hackney event.


Key Speakers on Thuraday 24th September include:

Zirro - Delivering package-free & sustainable groceries from local suppliers to your door by cargo bike. Zirro are a zero waste delivery business based in Hackney.

Whee! - A Norwegian company establishing a car lease model for electrical utility bikes that focuses on the servicing of the e-bike.

Tryd - An e-cargo bike delivery service working with fashion retailers to provide customers with a 'try before you buy' scheme. During the height of the Coronavirus pandemic Tryd delivered essential goods to vulnerable Hackney residents.

Bikeworks - A community driven social enterprise providing cycle training and selling and repairing bikes in Tower Hamlets. Adapting to the challenges of Covid-19 and supporting the community saw Bikeworks delivering home testing kits and collecting swab samples from local residents.

Voyage Control - A logistics management business that increases site efficiency at shipping ports, on construction sites and at large events and exhibits. Voyage Control increases site efficiency through scheduling deliveries and coming up with operating solutions.

The green economy in action: the view from London (Zero Emissions Network)