Defra funds ZEN expansion

Hackney Council has been awarded £178,950 from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ Air Quality Grant scheme to help more residents and businesses improve air quality.

This will allow Hackney Council to expand the Zero Emissions Network to new parts of the borough, where it will help businesses and residents switch to less polluting modes of transport such as cargo bikes or electric vehicles.

The award winning tri-borough ZEN has been funded by the Mayor of London since 2014, recruiting over 1,300 businesses and 700 resident members and helping reduce their emissions in a variety of ways. 

The project has supported businesses to replace 31 polluting vehicles with electric ones or cargo bikes, and supported businesses and residents to replace 117 private vehicles with car club membership.

The new funding will also allow the ZEN to support delivery riders to switch from mopeds to e-bikes and raise awareness of polluting wood burning stoves, which in winter are thought to account for around 10% of London’s particulate emissions.