Clean Air Walk

Islington Council recently created the Clean Air Walk. This is a walking route between Kings Cross and Angel that takes you away from busy Pentonville Road with all its noise, pollution and stress, and takes you along a much nicer, healthier, quieter and calmer route. You can even hear birds singing!

The route takes the same amount of time to walk – around 14 minutes – and is much better for your health. Taking a side road instead of a main road can reduce your exposure to pollution by 20%. Not to mention the mental health benefits of walking along a quieter and calmer road. Pollution is harmful to us all and especially bad for children, the elderly and those with existing health problems.

Perhaps your staff have meetings between the two areas or walk from one to the other to get the tube home. Maybe you want to tell customers and clients about the best (and nicest) way to get to your business. Please pass this information on to your staff, clients and customers to spread the word about air quality and get people walking along healthier routes.

For other cleaner air routes around London, try to plan your lower pollution journey.

Clean Air Walk Map