Angelic Energy

Islington Council has made history by launching London’s first municipal energy provider in more than a century, with a focus on offering fair gas and electricity prices and helping the capital’s most vulnerable households out of fuel poverty.

Angelic Energy is a not-for-profit energy provider set up by Islington Council to help further its commitment to reducing inequality in society. Despite the common perception that Islington is a wealthy borough, it is the 24th most-deprived local authority in England, has the third-highest level of child poverty in the country at 36%, and one of the biggest gaps between the wealthiest and poorest residents.

Energy is a key factor that drives this inequality. Energy prices have risen 36% above inflation over the last 10 years, leaving the poorest in society battling to provide basic necessities like a warm home and a hot meal. Households that struggle to keep up with payments are often pushed onto expensive Pay As You Go meters that offer even worse rates, speeding their fall into greater debt and enduring fuel poverty. This also leads to poorer health, reduced educational attainment and a lower quality of life.

Angelic Energy will help the council address this stark inequality and shape a fairer Islington for all, as it doesn’t have to answer to shareholders or pay directors’ bonuses – instead reinvesting its income in providing good-value energy, good customer service and a fairer deal for all. People on less competitive Pay As You Go deals are also among the least likely to switch to another, better-value provider. Angelic Energy aims to give them the confidence to switch, in the knowledge that it is owned by Islington Council, a name they know they can trust.

Angelic Energy will also target residents trapped in fuel poverty, who often need extra support to actually switch suppliers and benefit from our fairer, better-value prices.

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