Grace & Thorn - EV Grant

White van in snow with Grace and Thorn written on the side

Grace & Thorn is a Hackney based florist.


Grace & Thorn took advantage of ZEN’s partnership with Zipcar and signed up for a business membership using a van for deliveries. As the business expanded Grace & Thorn became interested in using an electric van instead of a Zipcar van so ZEN organised a 2 week trial of a Nissan E-NV200. The staff enjoyed the trial so much that they applied for a ZEN grant to help pay the deposit for a 3 year lease of their very own electric van. Fifty per cent of Grace & Thorn deliveries are now made emission free and the ZEN team have spotted the branded van using the electric charging points outside Hackney Council’s main office.


Photo of Grace & Thorn's shop on Hackney Road by Cecila  

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