Urban Studies - Cargo Bike Trial

Who are Urban Studies?

Urban Studies is an independent publishing house based in Tower Hamlets and focuses on the problems that arise from urbanistation. 


Why did Urban Studies get involved with the Zero Emissions Network?

Urban Studies were looking to make day to day work transport more sustainable and took on a free electric cargo bike trial for a day. 


How did it benefit the business?

The business was able to understand just how convenient zero emissions travel by electric cargo bike can be for a publishing house and intend to apply for a grant through the Zero Emissions Network to fund their own electric cargo bike.


'We tested the Douze Electric cargo bike from Propeller Electric Bikes with help from James. It was an excellent experience. We were able to transport significant weight across various London terrains and morphologies with ease. Great steering through smaller streets around St Pauls and Soho too. ...we can see how useful and wonderful electric cargo bikes are in getting things done effectively and efficiently in dense urban centres like the parts of London we live and work in. We need to deliver books to bookshops and take equipment such as projectors to our events. Was easy to organise and you can get a real sense of the value of the bicycles – try before you buy!' Trenton, Urban Studies


Trenton and his wife also signed on to a resident express Fix Your Bike  course. At one and a half hours long, the express course is half the length of our regular course and helps people get to grips with the basics of bike maintenance. Our expert mechanic travels to your home or nearby park and gives you a hands on experience, teaching you the essential skills required to look after your own bike. 


Interested in an electric cargo bike trial? Get in touch with the form below.