British Lung Foundation - Eco Audit

recycling bin

ZEN did an eco-audit of the office, looking at operations, energy and water use and waste and recycling. Simple and cost-effective actions were suggested. British Lung Foundation improved the efficiency of their energy use; reducing bills and emissions. They also installed new segregated recycling bins for the office, replacing mixed-waste desk bins. ZEN provided £100 to get things started. “As a charity that cares about the environment and the air we breathe, we wanted to know what more we could do to make sure our office was as eco-friendly as it could be. The ZEN Eco Audit was a great success in helping us achieve this, it didn’t take up a lot of time and the auditor explained things really clearly. It looked at how the site operates and made simple suggestions on what we could do to reduce our impact on the environment and save money.” Jay Jacombs, BLF Office Manager Interested in reducing your emissions through an audit? Get in touch with the form below!

Eco Audit

Save money and reduce emissions, waste and energy use with an Eco Audit.