Car-free Day 22nd September 2017

We're celebrating Car-free Day on the 22nd September (Friday) on Garden Walk. The theme will be Garden Party (see what we did there) and we will be creating a (comparatively) calm, tranquil environment with trees, hay bales and a food and drinks market!

Attending the market will be:

  • Bamboo Bicycle Club
  • Black Box Coffee
  • Champagne Lasseaux
  • Five Points Brewery
  • Good Ordering (cycling bags)
  • London Green Cycles (cargo bike company)
  • Make Kit (recipe kits, delivered by cargo bike)
  • Pizza Rossa

We'll be set up from 09:00 and there til (at least) 18:30, maybe longer if it's busy. The weather looks perfect so we hope to see you there!