Courier Services

Courier Services

If your business sends and receives deliveries or you need items and parcels delivered to your home then green courier services are a great way to get your deliveries emission free. 

A number of green courier services are delivering products and parcels by cargo bike in London. These companies are enabling people to get the things they need quickly and efficiently with carbon free deliveries.

Pedivan, Zedify, XeroE, Pedal Me and Zhero offer discounts to ZEN network members to increase zero emission deliveries. 


Courier Offers

Pedivan offer ZEN business members 1 Free Delivery Under £50 and 15% Off Future Deliveries. Resident members can get 15% Off Deliveries. Pedivan can also collect your online shopping as click and collect orders.

Zedify offer ZEN business members 1 free day of deliveries by cargobike. Zedify have a zero emission, same day delivery service and they offer online booking and tracking.

Pedal Me offer ZEN business members 20% off the first delivery by Cargo Bike and 5% off all future deliveries. Pedal Me also offer same day delivery on local groceries and supermarket essentials.

Zhero Emission Logistics offer ZEN business members 1 free delivery by cargo bike.  

XeroE are offering a free logistics consultancy session for ZEN members. This includes a deep dive into all areas such as packaging, labelling and trunking, to see how their team of logistics experts can add value to your current logistics set up.

Our courier partners are also supporting local businesses starting up home delivery services. Please contact ZEN if you are interested in green courier services or working with our courier partners to set up your own at home delivery service.