Scooter Switch - Claim £200!

The Zero Emissions Network offers a £200 incentive to delivery riders and businesses to switch from petrol mopeds to e-bikes. E-bikes have great benefits including reduced costs, improved health, less noise and air pollution as well as improved journey time. As e-bikes are legally classed as bicycles, riders can save money and hassle on tax, insurance and CBT as none of these are required. Riders can also enjoy the benefits of filtering through traffic and off-road cycle networks.


What's on offer?

£200 to help riders purchase an e-bike from a provider of their choice or;

  • Hire an e-bike from ETT Industries for £100 in the first month (saving £200) followed by £260 in all following months (saving £40)
  • Buy a Gazelle Vento for £1899 and receive £200 cashback from Velorution and £200 cashback from Zero Emissions Network. Spread the payment with 6 months or 12 months personal finance, interest free with £150 deposit, subject to credit status. This includes lights rack and Bosch mid-mounted motor with Purion side display and a 300 watt battery. 
  • Choose an e-bike from Propeller Bikes and get 10% off plus £200 cashback from Zero Emissions Network.  


Who can apply?

Delivery riders, couriers and businesses in London.


How does it work?

Riders - Apply here:

Businesses - Email


How much can be saved? 

Riders can save up to £1400 a year by switching to e-bikes. Oriental Foods made switched already. Read their story here.