Calverts - Cycle Hire Success

Tower Hamlets Council are keen to increase the use of the Santander Cycle Hire scheme and with the help of the Zero Emissions Network offered free annual memberships to businesses in the borough. Cycling is a fast, healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel and the Cycle Hire scheme is a great way for businesses to encourage staff to cycle for short, work-related trips during the day. One of our current ZEN Business members Calverts, a print and design cooperative in Bethnal Green, applied for a free Santander Cycle Hire membership in March 2017 and undertook over 44 journeys within the first 7 months.

"I have found the Santander Cycle Hire Membership (courtesy of Zen) has really made a difference to how I get to work (at Calverts) and how I get around the city. I now have options other than just public transport and my own bike, as sometimes I only need to do a one-way journey and often find early morning public transport either too full, or slow. The bikes are easy to ride and with the phone app a doddle to hire. I am lucky that in the Tower Hamlets area we have lots of docking stations, so has been helpful getting out and about seeing stuff - all the way from Tower Bridge, Docklands and the Olympic Park."

Lee Sargent- Director and Environmental Manager, Calverts

Calverts are also partners on the ZENCARD and offer 10% off sustainable print services 

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