Bagged2u uses Scooter Switch Toolkit

Bagged2u logo on black ebike

Who is Bagged2u? (Now tryd)
Bagged2u is a small Shoreditch start-up that delivers goods from high street retailers directly to customers at home or work within an hour of them being ordered online


Why did Bagged2u/tryd join the Zero Emissions Network?
Bagged2u were referred to the ZEN by Scooter Switch partner ETT Industries. Bagged2u knew they wanted to use e-bikes to deliver goods but were looking for practical information and advice to make sure their bikes and riders were equipped to start work. 


How have Bagged2u/tryd benefitted from the Scooter Switch Toolkit?

Thanks to the Scooter Switch Toolkit Bagged2u were able to organise a one day cycle training course for all their delivery riders. With the information provided in the Toolkit they were able to source the correct clothing for their riders and bags and boxes for carrying goods on the ebikes.  

Erkut, founder of Bagged2u said: “The ZEN team and the toolkit has been an invaluable resource in navigating the ever changing area of sustainable transport to help develop our delivery service.'