Scooter Switch

Scooter Switch

ZEN is helping businesses and delivery riders save money and improve air quality by switching to electric bikes and scooters. You can apply for a grant of £200 to switch to an electric bike, scooter or cargo bike.

Electric bikes, cargo bikes and electric scooters are cheaper to run than a petrol bike and could save you up to £1400 a year on maintenance and fuel costs.




How does it work?

The scheme is really simple. Just follow these steps to start riding electric!

1. Express your interest through this short form: 

2. We'll book you a trial of an electric scooter or e-bike

3. Trade in your petrol/diesel bike and we'll give you £200 to buy or lease an electric

Who can apply?

- Couriers or delivery riders who live in Hackney, Islington or Tower Hamlets and currently own or lease a petrol/diesel scooter 

- Any business based in Hackney, Islington or Tower Hamlets that owns or leases delivery scooters 

Annual Savings:

Scooter Switch Savings Table

To get started, register your interest here: